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Year 6 Spelling Bee Competition

A Spelling Bee Competition is where you practise all your spellings throughout the whole term (240 of them!) and, at the end of the term, we have a test of 20 of the spellings.  It is a competition between the classes in year 6.  Here are some of the spellings: advise, knowledgeable, believably, twilight and re-energise.  (Hopefully they’re spelt right).  I was very proud of myself when I saw my score of 19 out of 20!!  I was so happy. I actually couldn’t believe my eyes!  Was I really seeing this?  Plus, to add to it all, overall there is a Spelling Bee trophy for the class to get the highest average score – it was us – HB15!!  I loved and really enjoyed the Spelling Bee.  It was my most favourite Spelling Bee so far!  I would do it again.  Hopefully, I get a good score next time.  I hope you enjoyed reading this.

by Izzy C - HB15