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Loughton School

Loughton School

Trip to Chiltern Open Air Museum

We went on a trip to the Chiltern Open Air Museum to learn about life in Celtic times. There were lots of activities for us to get involved in and they were all really good fun.
When we went to the Celtic round house we made butter, cakes, stone carvings, clay bowls and some fencing. It was fascinating to find out how the Celts lived and some of the techniques they used for making different things.
We then had the opportunity to be archaeologists and investigate evidence from Celtic times. We got to dig out bits of pots which we tried to identify and put back together (this was really tricky because not all of the pieces fitted together!). We also got to pick through ‘poo’ which was pretty gross. We found some cherry seeds in the poo and could work out that Celts ate cherries as part of their diets. Ariel photographs are used by archaeologists to help them figure out what they are finding on the ground and we tried to match photographs from the ground to those taken from the air.
A trip into the woods helped us learn about building shelters and we made them using big sticks we found on the ground. To make sure they were good shelters we all had to fit inside them.
We had a fabulous time on our trip and want to thank all of the adults who helped us out on the day. We also want to say a special thank you to the Friends of Loughton for helping out with the finance for the trip.

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