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Congratulations to the following classes for having outstanding attendance (100%)!

Autumn 2

  • Week beginning 16 December: No classes this week
  • Week beginning 9 December: No classes this week
  • Week beginning 2 December: No classes this week
  • Week beginning 25 November: No classes this week
  • Week beginning 18 November: No classes this week
  • Week beginning 11 November: HB6
  • Week beginning 4 November: HB8 and HB16

Autumn 1

  • Week beginning 21 October: HB4
  • Week beginning 7 October: HB1, HB6 and HB10
  • Week beginning 23 September: HB6 and HB16
  • Week beginning 9 September: HB10

The government states that good attendance is above 96%. 

Number of days absent per year: Percentage attendance:
  100% - excellent
6 days Above 97% - very good
10 days 95% - good
19 days 90% - unsatisfactory
29 days 85% - serious cause for concern



Punctuality and why it matters

It is a parent's responsibility to ensure their child arrives to school on time. A child who arrives late may seriously disrupt not only his/her continuity of learning but also that of others. Please note that if your child arrives to school any later than 8:50am, they should not try to enter through the cloakroom doors but instead should enter via the main reception doors with a parent/carer so they may provide a reason for their late arrival.

Minutes late per day: Equivalent of missing:
5 minutes 3.5 school days each year
10 minutes 7 school days each year
15 minutes 10.5 school days each year
20 minutes 14 school days each year