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School Philosophy


Loughton School Philosophy - ‘Inspiring children’

Loughton School is committed to developing the potential of each member of the school community in a happy, supportive and caring environment.

Our aim is that every child will achieve their highest possible academic attainment at this school, providing a sound foundation for future educational, social and occupational opportunities. However, we recognise that every child is unique and will have talents and skills that cannot necessarily be fostered academically or measured through standard forms of testing. 

We therefore aim to provide a wide variety of interesting and stimulating opportunities both within the curriculum and in extracurricular activities in which to learn. Every child will have the opportunity to participate in sports, arts, music, productions, excursions and residential trips, and have access to a well-equipped library. We have enthusiasm and joy in learning and recognise and celebrate our achievements. We expect all members of the school to become active and engaged learners, excited by the opportunities we offer.

We know success does not happen by accident, but by hard work, dedication and making gradual improvements. We are committed to going significantly above and beyond that which might be expected.

We encourage innovation, creativity and new ways of learning, including the use of new and developing technology. We support each other in experimenting with new ideas, learning both from our successes and failures to make our learning fresh and vibrant. We want each new school day to be an exciting new challenge, and for all members of the school community to be curious, questioning and alert.

We believe children learn best in a safe, secure and happy environment. We shall promote them to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. We have high expectations of the standard of behaviour and conduct of everyone in our school community. We respect and care for each other, celebrate our diversity, and learn from each other. Our children will feel cared for and supported and gain in self-confidence and self-esteem. They will enjoy coming to school. We will support successful learning by ascertaining and understanding any barriers to learning or potential for excellence and adapting the service we provide to ensure the best possible outcome for all our children.

We foster our children’s curiosity about the world and encourage them to have interest and engagement in our local community, and in national and international awareness. They will be aware of and understand the wider world. We foster leadership and ambition throughout our school community and are committed to personal and professional development at every level in the school. Our children will understand environmental and ecological issues and how these affect our planet and their future. Everyone in the school is encouraged to see themselves as responsible citizens in the modern world.

The school’s leadership team and the governing body are responsible for ensuring that all members of the school community thrive, fully developing their skills, knowledge, self-confidence and experience during their time with us so that they are ready for the next step in their education or career. We aim to be good stewards of the funding we receive and the resources we manage to ensure the most effective use and best outcomes. We will regularly review our performance, consider improvements, and plan our activities. We will know and understand how we and our children are performing and be constantly striving to achieve the best we can. Our Governors will effectively lead, review, plan and support the work of the school.

We are committed to open communication between teachers, parents and children.  Honesty, trust and mutual respect are core values in the school. All parents and carers will know how their child is faring. They will understand how they can support their child’s learning effectively outside school. We will listen and be available to them so we understand their concerns and act on them appropriately. We will regularly send newsletters, individual reports on progress and hold consultations on a planned and ad hoc basis.

Our school will be open, warm and welcoming to all. We will make reasonable adjustments where required to ensure that everyone can fulfil their potential. We will never tolerate discrimination or bullying. All religions, races, creeds and classes of people form our school community and our diversity is celebrated as a strength. We ensure everyone is treated with fairness and respect.

We sum up this philosophy in our motto :

‘Inspiring children’.