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Student Voice - Archive

The ‘Student Voice’ is a group of children who help to make Loughton School even better. These are made up of 6 groups:

  • Digi leaders
  • Green team
  • JRSOs
  • LS News
  • School council
  • Young leaders

The leaders for each student voice group enjoyed reading the many submitted manifestos - a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to apply.  Shortlists were then given to each class where their peers democratically voted in a candidate for each role. Elections took place in class on Tuesday 15 October and first 'student voice' meeting took place on Wednesday 16 October where each newly appointed member got to introduce themselves.

These groups will now meet weekly (usually on a Wednesday at 12:45pm for most.) Children in years 5&6 who usually have a hot school dinner will need to eat first. Those who are a packed lunch may be allowed to take their lunch to the meetings.

Please check out the tabs to find out more about each group's achievements.