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Wednesday 26th May

A fabulous last morning for HB9 and HB10 at Caldecotte whereas for HB11 and HB12, the fun has just begun...

Most of the children from group A ended their experience with the high ropes activity today where they showed great bravery!

High ropes:



Stand-up paddle boarding:

More zorbing (it was a favourite!):

There were lots of smiling faces from HB9 and HB10 leaving at 1pm today ready for HB11 and HB12 to take on the challenge. Thank you to the parents from group A who all collected their children promptly. Thank you very much to: Mrs Ruggles, Mr Whyman, Mrs McNeaney and Mrs Gordge.

Group B arrived on time and are all taking part in their first activity - this is water based for everyone whether that is an open canoe trip, stand-up paddle boarding or sailing. Tomorrow they will return for their first full day and be the first to try a BRAND NEW (to Loughton) experience called 'Bushcraft'.