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Wednesday 21st September

The plan for the day today is:

  • HB15 with Mr Taylor - zip wire followed by buggy build, bushcraft fire lighting and fencing
  • HB13 with Mrs Newman - zip wire, buggy build, fencing, bushfire lighting  
  • HB14 and HB16 with Mrs Furniss - Jacobs ladder, bush craft, shelter build and bushcraft, leap of faith

The children in Mrs Newman's and Mr Taylor's group were raring to go this morning facing the tower ready for their ziplining experience!


The group with Mrs Furniss who faced Jacob's ladder had excellent communication with each other. George and Ben were congratulated by the instructor for being the best pair ever with their communication skills. Brilliant! 7 out of the 8 children made it all the way to the top and number 8 faced her fears anyway so we were all very proud.


Fabulous team work was seen in the buggy challenge. The teams had to make and move their buggy with full cups of water without spilling any. They were also great fencing! 




The adults were all so proud when it came to the leap of faith!


Some photos of our team building activities:


The groups will meet in the evening tonight to have a sing song around the campfire (a little larger than the ones they made themselves earlier today!).