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France 2023 *NEW*

Please visit daily to find out news from France.

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  • Friday / Vendredi

    Published 29/09/23, by Ellie Frost

    The children were up early this morning to pack up the coach, have breakfast and make their lunches for the journey home.

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  • Thursday / Jeudi

    Published 28/09/23, by Ellie Frost

    We have visited Amiens today, showing our respect to one of France's literary greats.

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  • Wednesday / Mercredi

    Published 27/09/23, by Ellie Frost

    Chocolat chaud and croissant were the most popular choices for breakfast today but there were plenty of alternatives - brioche, cake, bread, yogurt, milk and juice. The children then made their own lunches before heading to our first activity.

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  • Tuesday / Mardi

    Published 26/09/23, by Ellie Frost

    Update at 9.20am:

    After a hearty breakfast, this morning the children are at the market.

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  • Monday / Lundi

    Published 25/09/23, by Ellie Frost

    Children departed early this morning at 6.40am waving goodbye to their parents and siblings. 

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