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Read more to find out what the children have been up to in Year 3.

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  • A Spotacular Day!

    Published 24/11/17, by Zoe Duggan - Webmaster

    On Friday 17 November, Loughton School had a spotacular day to help raise money for Children In Need.  The children and staff put on their best spotastic clothing and with generous donations, we raised £309.01!  We learnt that our fundraising helps to benefit projects that support hundreds of thousands of children across the UK and that a little care and kindness can go a long way!

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  • Documentaries

    Published 21/11/17, by Zoe Duggan - Webmaster

    Year 3 children have been involved in an exciting project on documentaries.

    We began by looking at some of National Geographic’s wildlife films. These provided great inspiration for us to go on to plan and film our own documentaries, linked to our theme of ‘Amazing Animals’.

    We created puppets of our featured animal, used pop up facts and commentary in the style of the clips we’d seen.  We are going to send some of the best ones off to National Geographic.  Who knows, perhaps a new wildlife commentator will be discovered at Loughton.  Watch out David Attenborough.  See our documentaries below:







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  • DT Sock Puppet Day

    Published 21/11/17, by Zoe Duggan - Webmaster

    As part of our Amazing Animals topic this term, Year 3 made animal sock puppets from their class continents.  HB1 made African lions and Elephants; HB2 made Asian elephants and pandas; HB3 made South American Tamarin monkeys and butterflies whereas HB4 made Australian sharks and jellyfish.

    First the children designed their sock puppets thinking carefully about the features of their chosen animals.  They made decisions about the materials and equipment they wanted to use and wrote the instructions they would follow to make it.

    This fully prepared the children for making their amazing puppets with the help of our brilliant adult volunteers.  This would be a good time to say a big thank you to the year 3 grown-ups for lending a helping hand on the day.  We would not have been able to do it without them.

    Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the day where there was a buzz of excitement across the year group while the children were busy sewing, sticking and decorating their puppets.

    They were looking forward to testing their skills out by playing with their puppets and felt proud of their achievements when they saw how well they worked.

    Their finished product looked totally brilliant!  Wouldn’t you agree?


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  • Outdoor Adventurous Activities!

    Published 16/11/17, by Zoe Duggan - Webmaster

    The Year 3 OAA Day

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  • Teeth and Eating

    Published 07/11/17, by Zoe Duggan - Webmaster

    Year 3 have been doing some ‘egg’citing investigation work linked to our science topic of teeth and eating.  We set up an ‘egg’speriment to observe the effects of different foodstuffs on our teeth. In place of teeth, we used real eggs.  Whilst we understand our teeth are definitely not made from egg shell, this helped to give us an impression of the possible effects!  We encountered some interesting results ...

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  • Cross Country Competition

    Published 07/11/17, by Zoe Duggan - Webmaster

    This week Year 3 have taken part in their first inter-year group Cross Country Competition!

    The enthusiasm of all the children was inspiring, as they all showed determination and team spirit, by cheering on the other members of their class.

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  • Peter Rabbit!

    Published 20/10/17, by Zoe Duggan - Webmaster

    As part of our animal topic, this half term we focused most of our English around the tale of Peter Rabbit.  The children adored the story, and produced some incredible work, please take a look below.

    We also learnt how to orally retell the story, with actions, and the children did an incredible job.  They performed their oral retell at our recent harvest assembly, and I think I would be right in saying it was a hit with all!

    Super job Year 3! 

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  • Year 3 Continents Museum

    Published 13/10/17, by Kim Millican

    The Year 3 would like to extend an enormous thank you to the parents who visited our continent museums this afternoon. The children had a marvellous time and everyone was impressed at the standard of work made by the children.  Well done to everyone who helped in making the day a fantastic success. 

    Photos of the day are to follow.

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  • Year 2 / 3 Arts LiaisonĀ 

    Published 30/06/17, by Kim Millican

    29th June

    We had an incredibly busy day today welcoming our new year 3's from our feeder schools. They joined in with our current year 3's in a day filled with sport, music, art and languages, to taste a flavour of what life is like at Loughton. 

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  • Wrap, Splat, Hat homework

    Published 14/06/17, by Kim Millican

    16 June
    As part of our work on persuasion related to sun safety, this week the children will be given a passport to sun safety for their homework.

    The children can choose to write a rap or poem, on A4 paper. They might also like to decorate their entry, to make it eye-catching, to persuade others to 'wrap, splat, hat'.

    If they would like to, they can enter their persuasive rap or poem into the attached competition*, to win prizes for the school.  Please see Mrs Millican, if you are having any difficulty entering the competition.

    Good luck!

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  • Year 3 Walk to All Saint's Church

    Published 14/06/17, by Kim Millican

    On Friday 30 June, we visited All Saints Church, Loughton, as part of our R.E to investigate how Christians worship. 


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  • 'Full English' Folk Festival Day

    Published 14/06/17, by Kim Millican

    26 May
    Each class experienced a full day carousel of music, dance, art and history to explore what life was like for children in Loughton, during and after Victorian times.

    Mrs Kemp was a very convincing Victorian teacher, Mrs Murray led country dancing, Miss Frost and Mrs Wilmshurst explored May garlands and finally Mrs Millican led song writing, based on old carols.

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