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Year 3 Blog 2022/23

Read more to find out what the children have been up to in Year 3.

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  • Light and Shadows

    Published 04/07/23, by Ellie Frost

    In year 3, the children have been learning all about light and shadows in their science lessons this term.

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  • Circus skills workshop

    Published 26/06/23, by Ellie Frost

    Roll up! Roll up and step inside to see the truly amazing year 3 circus. Our thrill seekers worked with circus performer, Steve to learn how to walk tall on stilts, zoom no-handed on fun wheels, juggle with different objects and catch tossed diabolos and devil sticks. 

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  • Aladdin performance

    Published 25/05/23, by Ellie Frost

    After weeks of hard work, year 3 put on a spectacular performance of ‘Aladdin’!

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  • Science day

    Published 04/05/23, by Ellie Frost

    In year 3 today we explored what it means to be a scientist, answering the question "what is science?" and carrying out a range of different experiments throughout the day to investigate how things work in the real world.

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  • Chocolate Crispy Cakes in 9 3/4

    Published 31/03/23, by Ellie Frost

    Yesterday, the children in HB9 3/4 made chocolate crispy cakes to support their learning in both English and maths!

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  • Wild in Art workshop for HB2

    Published 29/03/23, by Ellie Frost

    HB2 thoroughly enjoyed working with ‘Wild in Art’ artist Katy Dynes yesterday!

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  • Kings and Queens workshop

    Published 10/03/23, by Ellie Frost

    Year three thoroughly enjoyed their 'Kings and Queens' day at Bradwell Abbey. HB1 & 2 went on Tuesday 7th March, with HB3 & HB4 visiting on the following Thursday. 

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  • Rememberance day learning in 9 3/4

    Published 15/11/22, by Ellie Frost

    The children in 9 3/4s have been working hard in their English lessons completing sentences based on Remembrance and the CBBC video 'The Rabbit's Story'.

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