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Year 3 Blog 2023/24

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  • Homework projects

    Published 12/12/23, by Ellie Frost

    The year 3 team have been blown away by the homework projects that the children submitted for this half-term.

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  • Kicking off Christmastime celebrations!

    Published 07/12/23, by Year Leaders

    This week has been the start of Loughton School's Christmastime celebrations.

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  • Year 3 Carnival Time

    Published 01/12/23, by Year Leaders

    On Wednesday, the year 3 children went to their very own carnival!

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  • Year 3 Dance Workshop

    Published 24/11/23, by Year Leaders

    Under the sea vs I just can't wait to be king

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  • Author visit

    Published 22/11/23, by Ellie Frost

    This week the children in year 3 were delighted to receive a visit from author Paula Harrison.

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  • Geography field visit - walk around Loughton

    Published 15/11/23, by Ellie Frost

    This afternoon, year 3 went on a walk around Loughton to have the opportunity to use their geography skills such as map reading and identifying compass directions in situ. 

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  • Fantastic felt bookmarks!

    Published 10/11/23, by Year Leaders

    Last week in year 3, we have been working tirelessly to design, create and evaluate felt bookmarks.

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  • Creating documentaries

    Published 03/11/23, by Year Leaders

    This week, the children in Year 3 have become documentary-makers.

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  • Visit to the Milton Keynes Library

    Published 19/10/23, by Year Leaders

    Year 3's visit to the local children's library in Milton Keynes City Centre

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  • Zoolab visit

    Published 04/10/23, by Ellie Frost

    Today we had a visit from Lily at Zoolab to link with our theme unit ‘Amazing Animals’.

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  • Year 3's Eggs-periment

    Published 03/10/23, by Year Leaders

    The eggs in their jars

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  • Let's Leap activity day

    Published 26/09/23, by Ellie Frost

    Today the year 3 children had the opportunity to partake in the Let's Leap activity day.

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