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Year 3's Eggs-periment

The eggs in their jars

On Wednesday 27th September in the afternoon, year 3 set off to the hall for a science “eggs-periment” to test the effect of different liquids on our teeth.

Six eggs were placed in their own jars and covered with different liquids with the eggshell representing the enamel on our teeth.  The different liquids included: Cola, orange juice, water, coffee and vinegar. One of the eggs was treated to a toothpaste smothering before being added to a second jar full of orange juice - the children quickly identified that this was to test the protection that the toothpaste can offer. Some of the children were also able to use scientific language such as 'variable' to discuss what a fair test is. They soon realised that all the variables were the same apart from the liquid that was used in each jar. 

Each class has taken at least one jar back into their classrooms where they will be making predictions and observations throughout this week-long experiment. 

Keep an eye out for more egg-citing updates!