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Geography field visit - walk around Loughton

This afternoon, year 3 went on a walk around Loughton to have the opportunity to use their geography skills such as map reading and identifying compass directions in situ. 

We started our walk next to the school and noticed the sign where Bradwell Road joins London Road telling us that London was 48 miles away. We learned how the Talbot Inn on the corner would once have been a coaching inn for travellers to rest overnight when heading to London on their horses. This is why there is such a big archway at the original entrance. 

During our walk, we looked for clues which identified the many old Victorian buildings around Loughton such as the thatched cottages, memorial hall, baptist church, old school and old bake house (where one of our children in year 3 now live)! We compared the size of the old school which used to serve all the children in Loughton to how big our school is now and discussed how the area has changed over time since Queen Victoria’s reign. 

When we returned to school we were surprised to find out that our walk was only around 1 mile. We will be plotting the route we took and looking at scale in our theme lessons tomorrow.