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Year 3 Dance Workshop

Under the sea vs I just can't wait to be king

The year 3 children took part in an 'Amazing Animals' dance workshop on Thursday. Two classes learnt a dance based on a song from Disney's 'The Little Mermaid' called 'Under the sea' and two classes learnt 'I just can't wait to be king.' from Disney's 'The Lion King'. HB2 and HB4 were taught how to shimmy like seaweed and channel their inner sea creature whilst HB1 and HB3 stalked their way through the jungle and roared like lions - all in time to the music!

In the afternoon, it was showtime! All four classes came together to put on a fantastic showcase of their group dances. All the children showed enthusiasm and passion in their dances and even some of the staff couldn't resist joining in! The performances were worthy of the West End! Aside from being amazing performers, the children were a respectful and encouraging audience. We are certainly not short of talent and hope to see more of this when auditions commence for our production of 'Alice the musical'. A huge thank you to Rebecca for a wonderful dance workshop where all children were able to participate and shine.