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Tower of London Trip

Last week, year 3 journeyed off to London for a fantastic trip.

On Tuesday and Thursday last week, the year 3 classes took a trip to the capital of England for a visit to the Tower of London. There, the children took part in a crime and punishment workshop, where they were able to showcase their fantastic knowledge of William the Conqueror and other British monarchs. As well as being able to explore the White Tower (built by William I as a fortress to keep prisoners in and intruders out), the children were fortunate enough to visit a range of different parts of the area, which included: the ravens, the bloody tower, the crown jewels and many more. 

As per usual, the children's behaviour was impeccable: they represented Loughton in the best way! Thank you to all of the staff members and volunteers for taking the time to join us on this wonderful trip.