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Teeth and Eating

Year 3 have been doing some ‘egg’citing investigation work linked to our science topic of teeth and eating.  We set up an ‘egg’speriment to observe the effects of different foodstuffs on our teeth. In place of teeth, we used real eggs.  Whilst we understand our teeth are definitely not made from egg shell, this helped to give us an impression of the possible effects!  We encountered some interesting results ...

‘The one in the milk got stronger’ Gabriel.

‘The egg in the coke changed colour’ Jensen.

‘Nothing happened to the egg in the water’ Veronica.

‘The one in vinegar was cracky and it was also changing colour.  The orange juice stayed the same’ Simran.

We learnt that food and drink can have varied effects on your teeth, whether that is to erode the enamel or discolour the teeth.  So be sure to choose wisely!