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Year 4 Blog 2020/21

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  • iMovie

    Published 10/06/21, by Ellie Frost

    In year 4 the children were tasked with working in a group to create a film trailer using the iMovie application on the school ipads.

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  • Computing drones workshop

    Published 27/05/21, by Ellie Frost

    On Thursday 20th and Friday 21st May year 4 were lucky enough to take part in a DRONEdays workshop.

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  • African drumming workshop

    Published 19/05/21, by Ellie Frost

    On Friday 14th May the year 4 children took part in an African drumming workshop run by Raz

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  • Indian dance workshop

    Published 25/03/21, by Ellie Frost

    Today all of year 4 took part in an Indian dance workshop!

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  • Indian Cooking Day

    Published 09/02/21, by Ellie Frost

    Many of our year 4 children learning from home in lockdown and all of our keyworker children at school had great fun joining in our Indian cooking day today.

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  • Outdoor Adventurous Activities

    Published 22/10/20, by Ellie Frost

    After a somewhat damp start, the weather brightened up enough for all of year 4 to have a fantastic, fabulous day outside on the soggy, muddy field.

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  • Roman battle

    Published 16/10/20, by Ellie Frost

    The Battle of Watling Street

    History repeated itself this afternoon, when the Celts led by Boudicca, faced the Romans in the Battle of Watling Street.

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  • Virtual Roman workshop

    Published 14/10/20, by Ellie Frost

    Today Year 4 had a fantastic interactive day, learning all about the Romans.  Children designed and made a mosaic tile, sponge on a stick (just ask them what this is for!), a Roman broach, and a mortarium.  The children also had a go at writing their name in Roman using a stylus!  All the children had an amazing time. Please do ask your children all about what they have made.

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