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Some of our recent activities include:

Pizza Express
We had the greatest experience going to a Pizza Express restaurant and making our very own pizzas.  We learnt how to stretch the dough, spread on the sauce and add the toppings. We all became Pizzaiolos and Pizzaiollas.

We started by exploring how to give instructions.  We gave the best instructions to make a great jam sandwich… even if it took us a while.  We then created a mountain landscape with a skiing sprite.

Student Voice Elections
Lots of us worked very hard on our student voice applications. We got up in front of everybody to tell them why we would be great candidates.  However, only four us could win; Grace, Izzy, Akshaja and Eva became our united voice in Year 4.

Volcano Projects
We all got really involved, and a bit messy, with our volcano projects.  We learnt all about the most dangerous volcanos and how they are formed.  We are excited to share these on open day.

Practiced for carol concert
We have been singing all of our lovely songs and getting ready for the concert.  Year 4 are particularly fond of We Three Kings.

Multiplying and Dividing
This half term has seen us learn to use our, already great, multiplication skills to divide.  We have done really well thinking about groups of and grouping.