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Year 4 STEM Week

Our whole school week on Science, Technology and Maths.

Year 4 have had a great week learning about all things planes!  We explored the early days of aviation, learning about the Wright Brothers and Amelia Earhart. We observed how modern aeroplanes look very different to the early designs from the beginning of the twentieth century.

We discovered how the design of the plane helps keep it in the air: the shape of the wings and the tail are very important and we considered this when we designed our own.  We made a prototype first which we evaluated and then used this to build our own aeroplane.  It gave us the chance to practise many DT skills including using a saw and a glue gun. We tried our planes out when we had finished and many of them were able to stay in the air.  We have learnt an awful lot this week: about the history and science behind flying an aeroplane as well as the importance of designing and using equipment carefully.