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Pizza Express

Our year 4 children have visited pizza express this week as part of their DT learning linked to Italy.

This week, each Year 4 class got the chance to visit one of the Pizza Express restaurants in Milton Keynes. Year 4 are learning all about Italy this half term and the trip gave them the opportunity to learn about one of the most popular Italian foods… pizza! Our host, talked us through the ingredients in the dough, before expertly showing us how to carefully shape our dough into the perfect circular shape. We learned how to use our finger tips to shape and mould our pizza. We then topped our creations with bright red, flavoursome tomato sauce and little squares of yellow, creamy mozzarella. We were surprised how quickly the pizzas cooked! It only took a couple of minutes in the extremely hot pizza oven. We then brought our pizzas back to school with us to take home and share with our families in the evening. Overall, we had an ‘amazingly awesome’ time at Pizza Express.