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Bradwell Abbey Trip

Year 4 had an amazing day at Bradwell Abbey learning all about the Romans! 

This week, year 4 went to Bradwell Abbey to learn all about the Romans. The children put on their time-travelling shoes and travelled back in time to the Iron Age. There were three different activities throughout the day including a Roman Banquet, the Battle of Watling Street and signing up to become Roman soldiers.

Throughout the Battle of Watling Street, the children learnt about reliable sources in history and the importance of documentation in history. The Battle of Watling Street had different interpretations and the children learnt about finding the most reliable source. The Celts thought bravely and aggressively, but the Roman’s intelligent battle tactics ensured Boudicca’s defeat.

The Romans then celebrated their success at the banquet. The guests feasted on Roman delicacies, which included roasted flamingo served by the kitchen slaves. The nobles of the house ensured that their guest were comfortable, equipped with body slaves fanning them and wiping their faces whilst they ate and musicians and jugglers entertaining them throughout the feast. The Roman Governors approved of the banquet but were not so impressed with the attempted poisoning throughout the meal.

Lastly, the children signed up for their 25 years as a Roman soldier. They signed their names and received their gold. They learnt all about the different weapons they would be equipped with and the different methods in which these weapons would be utilised on a battlefield. They also learnt about the different types of armour that the soldiers had and the importance of the Roman shield. The children marched as soldiers in unison to the main barn, where we said our farewell to the Iron Age.

Overall, the children thoroughly enjoyed their time at Bradwell Abbey, and we hope that the trip has inspired them to get ready for their upcoming Roman topic and battle.