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Science, Scratch and Volcanic eruptions!

We have started a range of new topics for our different subjects this week. 

Year 4 has had an exciting and interesting week! In science, we have been focussing on gases, liquids, and solids.  We have conducted a number of scientific experiments to analyse how the state of material changes with different temperatures.  One particularly exciting experiment involved heating and then cooling: sugar, wax, chocolate and ice. The objective of the experiment was to focus on the change of consistency for the different solids and liquids.

The children have been busy coding on the Scratch app this week. They have enjoyed creating their own programmes, sprites (characters) and backgrounds.

In our writing lessons, we are continuing with our immersive theme - Italy. We have been researching volcanoes and discussing the Pompeii disaster involving Mount Vesuvius. The children will be using this research to write their own stories about a lucky escape from Pompeii and the disastrous eruption.

We have also started a new book for guided reading which the children have thoroughly enjoyed – The classic tale of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. We cannot wait to learn more about the White Witch and Mr Tumnus. Will Edmund keep the white witch's secret? We will find out – next week!