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New Theme Topic - India

Year 4 have been enjoying their new topic - India! 

Phew! What a couple of busy weeks year 4 have had so far. They have all been getting to grips with their new topic, India. The children have really got stuck in with their map reading skills and being geographers looking for the physical features of the country, mountains, rivers and cities, as well as learning about what makes India so unique.

 Each class have been looking closely at one particular city or area of India and have been comparing the climate to our own.

HB5 - New Dehli

HB6 - Goa

HB7 - Jaipur

HB8 - Mumbai

 The children have been using their comparison skills to see which city is warmer or who has had the most rainfall. It is wonderful to see how enthusiastic all the children are about this topic and the fantastic questions they have been asking. A real highlight has been hearing our own children being able to answer questions from their own experiences of visiting or having lived in India.