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Hinduism Day

The year 4 children thoroughly enjoyed all the activities throughout the day. 

Year 4 children arrived at school, ready for the Hinduism day, dressed in either traditional Indian attire or brightly coloured clothing.  Throughout the day, the children were immersed in the life of a Hindu: traditional music, Hindu weddings and stories of the Hindu gods.  

To start the day, Krishna, our visitor, played Indian music and taught the children to clap to the music followed by a simple dance to accompany the clapping and the music.  Krishna had decorated the hall with amazing artefacts, colourful traditional clothing and a shrine.  After the dancing and clapping, the children learnt about the shrine. She discussed the different objects and their meanings: diva lights, a bell, a yak tail fan and different god dolls (deities).  Krishna then went on to tell the children the story of Rama and Sita.  After that, Krishna taught the children a stick dance, which all the children and the teachers enjoyed! 

In the afternoon, all the children dressed up as wedding guests and performed a mock Hindu wedding.  The children learnt about the traditional ceremony and the rituals performed within a typical Hindu wedding.  Overall, it was an excellent day and the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience.