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Indian Market Experience

Year 4 enjoyed their morning at the Indian Market 

Year 4 have been writing postcards in their writing lessons this week. The children wrote a postcard together last week about their first week back, after half-term, giving them the opportunity to practise postcard-writing skills. The children then had to write their own independent postcard about an Indian market.

We gave the children an immersive experience of visiting an Indian market in the year 4 shared area. There were different stalls within the market: traditional Indian ornaments, traditional Indian clothing and different herbs and spices. The walls were decorated with the beautiful artwork the children had created for their homework and Indian music was playing in the background. The children had to take in their surroundings, considering their different senses and make notes to help them with their independent writing.

The children produced excellent postcards describing their experience at the market, writing with excellent description. We were impressed with their beautiful illustrations and their great editing skills.