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VR Volcanoes

Year 4 had an excellent opportunity to experience VR (virtual reality) volcanoes. 

This week, Year 4 had the opportunity to experience the thrill and excitement of erupting volcanoes but without the danger - thanks to VR. Wearing the VR headsets, the children were transported to different parts of our world to see a range of volcano eruptions and different volcano types. This linked back to our learning in the autumn term, where the children had studied volcanoes and the fate of Pompeii. Being able to experience an eruption up close was thrilling for all, with many of the children loving the feeling of flying so high above the different mountaintops. It was wonderful to see how much the children could remember from the volcanoes topic when discussing the different parts and types of volcanoes.

An extra surprise came, with a close encounter of the feline variety. The children were tasked with spotting a group of lions stalking through the grasses of the Serengeti. Once they had found them, they had to keep focusing on them as the screen went black. When the clip began, the children gasped and squealed as a lioness appeared right in front of them, sniffing and investigating. The VR headset made the encounter feel so real that a number of children leapt back in shock or tried to stroke the lioness. Everybody agreed the VR experience was amazing and were sad when their slot had ended. We loved being able to offer the children this opportunity as it gave a realness to all the learning they have undertaken. Sometimes, you need to be able to see something with your own eyes for it all to make a little more sense.