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Musical Instruments

Year 4 worked extremely hard on their instruments this week. 

The children worked extremely well in year 4 on their musical instrument homework. The children followed the homework brief and used recycled materials such as balloons, cereal boxes, tin cans and wood to create a variety of different instruments. We had an assortment of excellent instruments: harmonicas, harps, guitars and drums. It was fantastic to see how creative the children had been.

They displayed their resourcefulness and considered how their instruments created sound. The children enjoyed explaining and showing their instruments to their peers, which was fantastic to see. The children will be using their new knowledge to help them with their upcoming science topic: sound. We will be learning about the journey of sound (how it moves through our ears) and how sound is created throughout the first couple of weeks of this term.

Well done to all the children for their hard work– the year 4 teachers were so impressed.