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Science Day

Warning! Warning! Scientist alert!

What a way to start the last term of year 4. All the children became scientists for the day on Monday. Each child had the opportunity to take part in a range of different experiments and learn the science behind them. Many of the children remembered taking part in a similar science day last year, in year 3. 

This year's experiments included physics, sending a soft toy along a zip line and working out which materials made the best harnesses and zip line wire; making a boat move using dish soap, through water displacement due to the change in surface tension; pendulums, does the length and weight of a pendulum affect how long they swing for and making butter, by separating a sold from a liquid.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their day and were eager to take part in all the experiments. It was a day of fun and learning, with a few of the children excited to go home and show their grown-ups what they had learnt.