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Roman experience day at the CDC

Year 4 have had a brilliant couple of days at Bradwell Abbey this week.

The City Discovery Centre is a fantastic local resource and the staff there were so impressed with the knowledge our children already had of Boudicca and the revolt against the Roman army in the first century AD. Each class had a chance to re-enact Boudicca’s final battles and understand more about how we know this really happened through the eyes of the Roman historians Dio Cassius and Tacitus. The children also met a Roman soldier, Phatalus, and learned more about life in the Roman army while getting the opportunity to handle some genuine artefacts.  

Lastly, they took part in a Roman banquet, playing the parts of the Owners of the villa, the guests, the slaves and the entertainers. Dressed in costumes and handling the props very carefully, the dinner was enjoyed by all.  

Thank you to the amazing and knowledgeable volunteers who really brought history to life for our children.