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Amazing English this half-term

So far this half term, during our English lessons, we have been exploring the theme of Asylum Seeking.  As a year group we have shared the wonderful book ’The Silence Seeker’ by Rob Morley.  The story sees a young boy by the name of Joe mishear his mum tell him about the new family of asylum seekers in their building.  Instead he believes them to be a silence seeker.  The son of the family and Joe go on a journey to find a silence before the family unexpectedly leave.  With the children, we have explored the lives of asylum seekers and the journeys they have to take to find refuge.

Within this block of learning the children have created some incredibly thoughtful, and often emotive, writing.  They have thought carefully about both Joe and the boy’s experience and through this they have learnt a lot.

As we move forward with our English curriculum we hope the children have taken something long-lasting from their learning this half-term.

Miss Martignetti