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Japan week

The children in school this week, enjoyed a very different timetable, learning all about Japan. From using an atlas to find out where in the world Japan is located to making a traditional Koi carp windsock, lots of fun was had by all! Anime and Manga style drawing were enjoyed by many and we were impressed with the children’s quick grasp of Haikus.

The week finished with a special outdoor activity morning where they were able to run, climb and jump on the ‘Let’s Leap’ mega inflatable! You can read all about that, here.

Here are some comments from the children:

  • “I loved Japan week because of all the stuff we learned like: the Koi carp fish kite, anime drawing, writing my name in Japanese. It was so fun!” Evie, HB11
  • “I enjoyed it and I got to learn about a language that I didn’t know and how Japanese family works and what they do.” Darcy, HB11
  • “My favourite thing was looking at the atlases” Aziz, HB12
  • “I’d never done a crossword before and I enjoyed searching for the answers on the laptop” Aarav, HB12
  • “I liked the origami. I made a hat, a secrets folder and a picture frame.” Maddie, HB10
  • “I really enjoyed the anime and the bouncy castle” Rebecca, HB10
  • “I liked using my imagination to draw an anime character” Jayden, HB9