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STOMP workshop

Today, year 5 had a great time taking part in a percussion workshop. 

The idea was based on the musical ‘STOMP’ where seemingly everyday objects are used as percussion instruments.  Firstly, we had the opportunity to explore basic rhythm, using repetition and different speeds and volumes to add variety.  We then had the chance to practise the rhythms using our ‘instruments’!  These included broom handles, buckets, industrial containers, bottle tops and tin cans.  The use of the toilet brush made us all giggle!

We learnt how to perform parts of ‘We will rock you’ and had the opportunity to practise different speeds and rhythms. Each class performed in one of two teams.  They all did brilliantly and it was agreed that choosing a winning team was really an impossible task!

The highlight was coming together at the end of the day as a year group to showcase our work.  Everyone enjoyed watching the other classes and supporting the groups