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Viking workshop

On Thursday 5th January the year 5 children and various staff members took a voyage to the Discovery Centre in Bradwell Abbey for an immersive Viking experience day.

The children had the opportunity to attend a carousel of different activities that covered a broad spectrum of Viking life which included: Gods and Goddesses with Hel, Prepare for WAR with Eric Bloodaxe, Archaeology with Steve and Homestead experience with a mother and daughter duo.

They all behaved impeccably and asked insightful questions which showcased Loughton School in such a positive way. The staff members at the Discovery Centre even commented to various members of staff about the behaviour and wonder of our children. Since the visit, the children have put their newfound knowledge into practice with their recount writing and history work. 


Ochi from HB11 has written about the experience - 

On Thursday 5th January 2023, year 5 went on a spectacular, educational trip to Bradwell Abbey to learn about the Vikings to fit into our lessons.

We arrived at Bradwell Abbey by coah. Our first activity was a story told to us by Hel, a half Goddess and half giant (whose father was a God and mother was a giant). Her two brothers were a world (who could eat the world) and a snake.

After that, an archaeologist came in and began to talk to us about the bones of a Viking that was excavated out of the soil. It was very rate. It was so rate because there was an important general, two horses, a battle axe, a sword, a spear, and arrow head and a boss. When the general was excavated, it was certain to be a man but in 1899 scientists looked at the bones underneath a microscope and discovered it was a woman! It was recently confirmed with a DNA test.

Later that day, we settled and had lunch. In the afternoon we went to an intriguing farmhouse where we had the opportunity to look at some of the equipment. We learnt about all of the chores the children did when the lived with their parents. At the age of ten, their father would teach the children how to fight and recommend sword techniques to go to battle. The children under ten would help around the house, sometimes go into the words for the fire, knit warm clothes because Scandinavia is far from the equator. We observed how to knit, how to get hte wool from the sheet, how to clean the wool and then thread the wool. Once we watched hot to knit warm clothes for the winter, everyone picked a partner to make a friendship bracelet with and I chose Joshua.

After an exhilarating, wonderful and fantastic day at Bradwell Abbey, I would rate it a 10/10 experience to anyone and will definitely reccomment this to everybody because f its variety of different activity and they give you the opportunity to ask questions at any time.