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Carbon Monoxide safety session by Hazard Alley

Today, year 5 welcomed staff from the Hazard Alley safety centre into school. 

All of the children took part in a fun and interactive workshop, teaching us about carbon monoxide.  We learnt about what the gas is, where it is found, why it is harmful and how it can affect our health. 

During the sessions, street dance was used and the children worked in groups to produce a move!  The dance that each class put together stressed the dangers of this gas: you cannot SEE it, HEAR it, TASTE it, SMELL it or TOUCH it. Everyone enjoyed dancing together and the teachers were very impressed with what was put together in a short period of time.

The children started to produce an informative poster which they can put forward into a competition with the chance to win prizes both for themselves and the school.  The details can be found in the leaflets that the children should bring home.

The children had a great experience and we want to thank Hazard Alley for organising this for us.