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Sound of musicals dance workshop

On Monday 15th May, year 5 were very excited to be taking part in our dance workshop.  The theme was musicals, particularly music from the film ‘The Greatest Showman’ – we have already watched this as our experience day before completing our writing unit on ‘The Peculiars’.

Each class had an hour in the hall, working with our instructor, Rebecca.  Each workshop began with a high octane warm up to get all of us moving and ready to dance.  We were able to explain the importance of warming up on keeping our muscles healthy and supple.

Different songs from the film were chosen:  HB9 worked to ‘This is me’,  HB11 danced to ‘From now on’ and HB10 and HB12  used ‘Eyes wide open’. Rebecca choreographed a different routine to accompany each song.   We liked how she taught us the steps in chunks and gave us time to practise each part of the dance before moving onto the next stage.  It made learning the routine much easier for us.  By the end of our session, we were able to dance the routine from start to finish and were very proud of our efforts.

The day finished with the year group coming together in the hall to showcase the four performances which were all fabulous!  Well done to everyone for participating with such enthusiasm!

Please watch a short video of our dancers here: