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Pirate Dinosaur Stimulus for writing in 6x

How can you describe the feel of sausagemeat if you haven’t ever touched it? Today the 6X English group had the chance to do so (or at least a vegan alternative). 

The act of feeling the and smelling the various Pirate Dinosaur ‘sausagemeat’ concoctions really stimulated the children’s imaginations. One child told us ‘It helps your mindset to describe and think of words’ and another child agreed that ‘it gives you a much better idea of what to write’’.

In our free write, the children used great imagery and descriptive phrases such as : ‘It had a brain texture’, ‘it felt like slimy slugs’ ‘ it was like a horrible vomit’ and ‘it smelt like a football player’s socks after a match in the summer’.

We think you will agree that these are super descriptions!