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Year 5 Blog 2021/22

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  • Viking trip to Bradwell Abbey

    Published 04/02/22, by Ellie Frost

    On Wednesday 2nd February, year 5 went to the City Discovery Centre at Bradwell Abbey for a day of Viking exploration.  We had a chilly but sunny walk to the centre, during which we walked around Lodge Lake.  Many of the children enjoyed spotting local wildlife along the way and also noticed the different styles of architecture when passing local housing.

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  • Planetarium visit

    Published 12/11/21, by Ellie Frost

    On Monday 8th November Mr Mark Allen came into the school with his mobile Planetarium to launch our theme about space.  Each class spent an hour inside the inflatable dome, which brought the Universe into Loughton School.

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  • STOMP style music workshop

    Published 11/10/21, by Ellie Frost

    This morning, year 5 had a great time taking part in a percussion workshop.  The idea was based on the musical ‘STOMP’ where seemingly everyday objects are used as percussion instruments. 

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  • Reduce, reuse, recycle

    Published 20/09/21, by Ellie Frost

    Due to not being able to visit the recycling factory in Milton Keynes, Mrs Furniss (who is passionate about saving our planet) came to complete an in class talk to link us to our learning all about climate change and inspire the children to do all their best to reduce, reuse and recycle.

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