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Viking trip to Bradwell Abbey

On Wednesday 2nd February, year 5 went to the City Discovery Centre at Bradwell Abbey for a day of Viking exploration.  We had a chilly but sunny walk to the centre, during which we walked around Lodge Lake.  Many of the children enjoyed spotting local wildlife along the way and also noticed the different styles of architecture when passing local housing.

On arrival, we were greeted by some Vikings and began our activities.  Each class took part in 4 workshops which gave us the chance to explore different aspects of Norse life.

At the homestead, we sat around the fire and learnt about Viking day to day life.  It was amazing to hear how busy all of the Vikings were (including the children) with their day to day jobs.  Did you know that a Viking child could spend all day weaving?  We laughed on finding out that they didn’t know what spare time was!

A Viking soldier was on hand to tell us about fighting and warfare.  We examined some examples of helmets and chain mail (which was incredibly heavy).  An interesting fact that we learnt was that to buy a Viking sword would cost the equivalent of a sports car in modern money.

An encounter with the goddess of the dead, Hel, was very interesting.  Her father was the mischievous god, Loki and her mother was a giantess.  She told us many stories of Viking gods and goddesses around the warming fire.  Some of us found her a little spooky!

Viking artefacts were also on display and our teachers were very impressed with the interesting questions that we asked about them.

We arrived back at school after another lovely walk and couldn’t wait to discuss our day.