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Careers afternoon

The children in year 5 had an inspiring afternoon learning about the world of work. 

The aim of the careers afternoon was for children to learn from adults in a range of occupations about how they decided upon their chosen careers, find out what education and qualifications are needed and what they have to do on a day to basis as part of their job.

We had a range of different visitors from an air traffic controller to a voice-over artist, from a concert pianist to a sign language interpreter! One of the visitors owned an ice cream company and kindly gave 120 free ice cream cones out to every single child (yes even vegan ones for our lactose intolerant children)!

The afternoon started with a guessing game. Each visitor bought in an object to help the children to guess their occupation by asking yes or no questions. After this initial introduction, the children were able to learn more in depth about their top 5 of the 13 different occupations.