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Year 6 Blog 2017/18

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  • Ancient Maya Civilisation

    Published 03/08/18, by Admin

    The year six children have recently completed their topic work studying the ancient Maya civilisation from Central America.

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  • Giving is better than receiving ...

    Published 01/04/18, by Admin

    Giving is better than receiving. This is the saying which the year 6 children decided to follow for Christmas. Rather than receiving individual gifts from their teachers for Christmas, the year 6 children agreed that the money normally spent on these gifts, should be used to give joy and hope to others less fortunate. As such each year 6 class chose gifts, from either Oxfam or World Vision, to help others more in need than themselves. HB 13 chose to buy in some help for a refugee, HB 14 chose to buy a pile of poo (fertilizer) and a pig, HB 15 chose to buy soap and seeds. HB 16 chose to buy soap and a tap.

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  • Visit to Bletchley Park

    Published 16/11/17, by Admin

    On Thursday 16 November 2017, Year 6 visited Bletchley Park, travelling there by train.

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  • Year 6 Spelling Bee Inter–class Competition

    Published 12/11/17, by Admin

    On Wednesday 6 December, Year 6 took part in a Spelling Bee competition.  All the children had been practising hard to learn their 100, year 6 spellings.  There were three sets of spellings and the children chose which set that they thought would challenge them the most.  They were split into the three spelling sets for the competition, where they were tested on 15 out of the 100.  In two sets, they had to go to a tie-break situation!  The winners of the three sets were Jake S, Shelby B and Shilah C. Congratulations to you all.  The overall class champions and winners of the Spelling Bee trophy were HB15.  A huge congratulations to them also.  It was a fun and very competitive event.  We all look forward to the Spring term to see if HB15 can retain the trophy.


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  • Japan Week - A visit from The Sakura Ladies Choir

    Published 10/02/17, by Admin

    In Year 6 we have had a week of learning all about Japan.  Each day we focused on a different aspect of Japanese life.  We started with an ‘anime’ day and watched a film called ‘My Neighbour Totoro’.  It was a brilliant film and we took inspiration from it to write some haiku poems and draw some of our own anime characters. The following day we found out about different Japanese sports and we had a Sumo tournament which was hilarious to watch and take part in.  Next up was learning about Japanese school life.  Every morning in Japan all staff and pupils take part in group exercise.  We had a go and felt ready to tackle the day ahead full of energy.  Japanese children clean their school so we spent some time cleaning our classrooms.  We then had a debate and argued whether or not we should clean the school ourselves.  Food was our next adventure and we researched the different kinds of food eaten in Japan and created either our best plate of food or our worst.  We then got to try lots of different types of Japanese food.  Some things were delicious and others not so.

    On our final day of learning about Japan we were very lucky to have the Sakura Ladies Choir visit us.  They sang some songs for us and then taught us the theme tune to ‘My Neighbour Totoro’.  Their voices were beautiful and it was a great experience.  They then give us a quiz about our learning during the week and finally taught us how to make an origami Samurai helmet.

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