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Year 6 Spelling Bee Inter–class Competition

On Wednesday 6 December, Year 6 took part in a Spelling Bee competition.  All the children had been practising hard to learn their 100, year 6 spellings.  There were three sets of spellings and the children chose which set that they thought would challenge them the most.  They were split into the three spelling sets for the competition, where they were tested on 15 out of the 100.  In two sets, they had to go to a tie-break situation!  The winners of the three sets were Jake S, Shelby B and Shilah C. Congratulations to you all.  The overall class champions and winners of the Spelling Bee trophy were HB15.  A huge congratulations to them also.  It was a fun and very competitive event.  We all look forward to the Spring term to see if HB15 can retain the trophy.


Mrs Ruggles