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Cross-Country Competition

Each year, the children spend a number of P.E. lessons, in the first half of the Autumn term, training for cross-country.  At the end of the half term, each year group then has an inter-class competition for their year group.  Year 6 held theirs in the last week before half term.  The boys and girls compete separately and each child receives a placing card as they come across the finishing line – first place receiving number one, second place receiving number two and so on.  The class who has the lowest score, when all added together and an average taken, wins the inter- class competition.  This year, the results were very close.

The children all ran fast and furious, giving it their all. The boys ran 2000m and the girls ran 1500m, so it is a distance!  We were very proud of all their efforts, many achieving their all-time bests.

We would like to congratulate HB15 for becoming the over-all winners this year, very closely followed by HB16.  Well done to all.

Mrs Ruggles
Year 6 Leader