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HB15's Evacuee Play

In the Autumn Term, HB15 had been practising for an evacuee play.  I was chosen for the main role as the teacher - Miss Garside.  I was super excited, but very nervous and I couldn’t wait to start rehearsing.  Every week, we practised all the scenes - I was in every scene. People who were afraid of speaking were VCPs (villagers, children, parents).  They said about one line each. On the 19 December, we videoed it and we successfully completed all three scenes. We watched the first two scenes, but we didn’t finish watching the third scene as we needed to go to our next lesson.  In the play, Mr Symes, the governor, evacuated me and my class and then left to inform others.  I would do it all over again if I could. The billeting officer, Betty Borret (Emily) was very bossy.  I love music and drama.

by Lana C - HB15