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Christmas Cracked

On the 18 December at 1.15pm, HB15 – my class- and HB16 left Loughton School and walked to the local Baptist Church to learn about the Christmas Story.  When we sat down in the church, we first played a game where it was boys vs girls.  Someone asked a question and the first team to bring the picture answer earned a point.  The girls won.  After that, we had some information given by the Nutty Professor about the true meaning of Christmas.  Then, we made some mince pies and left them to cook while we played Christmas songs charades.  It was funny when Mrs Ruggles had to try and do a charade for ‘Little Donkey’ and we were all primed to shout out all the wrong answers!!Later that afternoon, we completed quizzes and listened to a story about geese that explained God’s reason for coming to Earth as Jesus.  It made the meaning very clear.  Finally we left for school and went home with a leaflet and our mince pie.  A great afternoon was had by all.

By Ilia G - HB15