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STEM week

What a week! Our year 6 students have worked hard over the last week in their STEM lessons to design and make a step counter.

They all learnt how to code using the makecode microbit-programming environment, tested their programme and transferred their programme to a controllable device.  At the beginning of the week, many of the students had very little or no coding experience; however, it was lovely to see them all rise to the challenge and demonstrate resilience at times when their programmes didn’t work and they had to identify and correct the mistake.  Their engagement and the buzz created in lessons was wonderful.  Some students were able to transfer their programme to a micro:bit – a tiny computer – and wear it in their shoes to track their number of steps. 

Since completing the unit, the children have told me that STEM week was amazing!  They: 

  • “enjoyed the coding even though it was challenging.” 
  • “felt proud that they were able to help their peers succeed.” 
  • “enjoyed working with their friends.” 
  • “liked the new experience.” 

Overall, STEM week was a real success! Well done to our year 6s for continuing to be wonderful and work hard.