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End of year 6 "fun on the field" treat day


During the spring term, the children voted for what they wanted to do to end their time at Loughton School and were in agreement that if they chose activities on site, they would save money that needed to be spent on transport. The ideas of what their "fun on the field" day could include snowballed into various activities and food related treats.

The day began with year 6 meeting together in the hall for a McDonalds breakfast – this was enjoyed by all and set us up well for a day of activities.

During the day, each class participated in the following four activities.

Electric Go-Karts

In groups of three, the children were able to complete several warm up laps of the track before commencing their three-lap race. Great fun was had by all and the competitive element as they battled for the racing line was fantastic.

Nerf Gun Battles

The class was split into two teams for a battle using nerf guns. There were a range of inflatable objects that could be used to shield behind. As the session went on, the game became more difficult and we particularly enjoyed it when a secret agent was added to each team as they could then bring team members who had been into back into the game.

Dodge Ball

A fast moving set of games were played at this activity stop that kept all children on their toes! The children showed great accuracy and dodging skills throughout the games and many were exhausted by the end of this session. The activity leader often threw a “golden ball” into the game that was a great twist and often changed the final result.

Inflatable Obstacle Course

Another brilliant activity that involved both team work and racing against a partner. The inflatable course was challenging but we all made it across several times and had many laughs on the way.


All in all an amazing day of food and activities - the pizza and ice cream at lunchtime was much needed to replenish energy levels.