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Flight to Greece

On Thursday 5 January there was a buzz in the air as the children came into school all packed and ready to fly to Greece.  The airport was busy as children bustled their way through security and check in.  Many of the children were found with suspicious items in the hand luggage which were removed as they were escorted onto the plane.  During the flight, children learned all about the plane and the journey they were on. Thankfully, the plane was landed safely and all children continued to tour the classrooms and find out more. 

  • Greece 5

    Greece 5.jpg
    Greece 5
  • Greece 4

    Greece 4.jpg
    Greece 4
  • Greece 3

    Greece 3.jpg
    Greece 3
  • Greece 2

    Greece 2.jpg
    Greece 2
  • Greece 1

    Greece 1.jpg
    Greece 1