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Duxford Visit 2016

The Year 6 Trip to Duxford By HB15

“Duxford was fun and we saw some great things: planes, an Anderson shelter and many artefacts. The planes were great but my favourite was the Spitfire”
By Ryan

“Duxford was really fun, my favourite part was learning about the Operation’s room. I learnt about lots of things; Barrage balloons, the planes, the equipment for the pilots and much more.”
By Duncan

“In case you’re wondering, the Year 6 trip to Duxford was great! It was so much fun and educational. We learnt so much on our trip, it was absolutely mind blowing. I wish I could go again”
By Rosee

“I really enjoyed the part when we got to touch things that people used in WWII. I held a German pilot’s hat and at first I thought it was an English one. I learned that German pilots were called Luftwaffe”
By Sofia

“I thoroughly enjoyed Duxford. My favourite fact was in the Battle of Britain when Germany thought Britain had a low number of planes and then when it came to fighting, Britain had loads. The staff also spoke in a detailed way and give educational facts”
By Faye

“The Duxford trip has been the most amazing trip so far; I thoroughly enjoyed learning about how the Battle of Britain occurred”
By Robyn

“On Wednesday 2nd November HB15 and HB14 went to the phenomenal Duxford museum. The best bit for me was looking at the planes. My favourite plane was the Spitfire and the Messerschmitt. The Spitfire was the main plane for Britain and the main plane for Germany was the Messerschmitt”
By Leo

“Going to Duxford was an outstanding experience; I liked quite a few parts of the Duxford experience: model planes, primary artefacts and looking at the WW2 posters”
By Catherine

“Going to Duxford was a great experience, we saw artefacts and real life planes and what happened in the war. We also saw pictures of key people in the war. We saw what the bunkers looked like and we went inside hangars. We learnt a lot”
By Manraj

“Duxford is an incredible place for the Battle of Britain. The museum was a very educational place and it helped me understand a lot. I wish to go back”
By Pranesh

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