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Letter to Years 3 and 4

Neil Goodman-Smith from our Governing Board came in, and here is his letter to Year 3 and 4 on behalf of the governors.

Dear Years 3 and 4

For those of you that don’t know, the Governors are a group of people who help Mr George run the school. We help decide how to spend the school’s money, making sure that we use it to make Loughton the best school it can be for you. We are always trying to think of improvements! We visit the school regularly for meetings in the evenings, but we also try to visit during the school day whenever we can. If you invite us to any special events, one of us will try to come along. We will then tell the other governors all about it. We also read the school newsletter, your class newsletters and the Student Voice, and enjoy seeing reports and photographs on the school website.

We have been fascinated to hear about all your activities and projects this term.

Summer Fete

On Friday 8th June you came into school in your own choice of clothes and with a donation for the fete on 16th June. You helped running 50p games stalls including hoopla, coconut shy and ten pin bowling. It was a very successful day and with your help raised a £3,000 profit for the school

Year 3 Slippers

As part of your well-being topic, you have been wearing your slippers in class.  This has made you more comfortable and relaxed during lessons, and helped you concentrate more and feel less stressed. Do you think we can persuade Mr George to allow you to wear your slippers all the time? Do you think it would be good if he wore them too?

Year 4 Andrew Lloyd Webber themed day

Many of you came into school dressed as cats or characters from ‘School of Rock’.  Some of the most original costumes included Pharaoh from ‘Joseph and his Amazing Technicoloured Dreamcoat’, Evita from ‘Evita’, the phantom from ‘Phantom of the Opera’ and a few of the trains from ‘Starlight Express’.

All of the classes had the opportunity to make masks, have a go at some acting, sing some of his songs and choreograph a dance based on ‘Cats’.

The teachers thought it was fantastic to see you being so creative and to see how many budding musicians, dancers, actors and artists there are in your year group!

Year 4 Heroes and Heroines Exhibition

Year 4 was opened up to parents as an exhibition displaying all the great effort you put into your homework over half term. You made some wonderful creations at home on your chosen hero or heroine. There were some impressive contributions, including: a space station, a wooden steam engine, Bear Gryll's bottle of "wee" (?!) and an Enigma machine.

Year 3 My Magical Garden

You welcomed author Jacqui Gray to Loughton School as part of your Wellbeing Topic for the summer term.  Her book ‘My Magical Garden’ has a beautiful collection of illustrations and poems. Jacqui spent an hour with each class and you were invited on an enchanted journey through a magical garden.  The aim was to help you develop your imagination and visualization skills. On each step of the journey you were asked to choose and create your own magical garden, and have it as an imaginary safe place to go during difficult times. 

I understand that some of you found it helpful in understanding emotions and how to express them.

Your teachers liked how engaged and calm you became.

Years 3, 4 and 5 Royal Wedding Picnic

You had a wonderful picnic in celebration of the royal wedding with all of you and Year 5 joining together to eat your lunches on the field.  There were some fabulous costumes; lots of kings and queens as well as many union jack flags and everywhere red, white and blue. You spent some time learning more about the royal family, weddings and traditions and some classes completed some lovely craft activities.  You even posted a selection of handmade best wishes cards to Buckingham Palace. Did you ever receive a royal reply?

Years 3 and 4 Library Trip

You all walked nearly two miles uphill to the Central Library. With your library cards you made your book choices and walked downhill back to school. The library staff were impressed by how well you all behaved in the library.

Sports Day Years 3 and 4

You took part in running over various distances and in the relay, long jump, triple jump, obstacle course, throwing he vortex and tug of war. Mrs Green will announce the winners at the end of term assembly. Any guesses as to which class won?

 Fund raising activities

 A big thank you to those of you that supported the Year 4 and 5 Disco which raised £459 and the Sausage Sizzler which raised £175.

Year 4 – Governors reading visit

Some of the Governors came into class to share their favourite stories and answer questions about what Governors do. HB5 managed to get our Chair of Governors, Mrs Blackledge to read ‘the book with no pictures’ and she used all the silly voices!

You were shocked to learn that the governors do not get paid for their time but they do it voluntarily! Do you know why we help as Governors? We know that you all have only one chance at an education. You can’t go back and start again. So we all think it important to try and see that the school always tries to improve to get the best possible outcome for each and every one of you. We will be quite happy not to be paid if the school sets you on the path to becoming responsible citizens who are independent, creative, sharing, questioning and wanting to get on and make the most of yourselves.

‘Bake Off’                  

The Student Voice has decided to arrange a Loughton School ‘Bake Off’ to try and raise money to improve the outside area of the school.  This will also be a celebration of the school’s 30th birthday. The ‘Bake Off’ will be next Friday 13 July.  Those of you who want to bake re going to make cupcakes at home with the theme of ‘Loughton’s 30th birthday celebration’ and then bring them into class on that morning.  Your class will then have a vote as to which cupcakes will make it through to the final.  The final competition will be in the hall with Mr George, Mrs Green and members of the student voice.  The overall winner will get a prize. At 3.15pm the Student Voice will then be selling all the cakes that have been brought into school for 50p a cake, in the school hall.  

Year 4 Caldecotte residential trip

You have your multi activity school trip to look forward to at the beginning of next term of Year 5.

So you have  all had a very productive term, and you should all be most proud.

Well done. We hope you all have an enjoyable Summer holiday.


Best wishes

The Governing Board

Loughton School