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Letter to year 5 and 6

Neil Goodman-Smith from the Governing Board came in to read a letter from the governors to years 5 and 6.

Dear Years 5 and 6

As you know, the Governors write to you from time to time to congratulate you on your hard work and achievements. We also read the school newsletters, your class newsletters and the Student Voice, and enjoy seeing reports and photographs on the school website. Year 4 were shocked to learn that the governors do not get paid for their time, but work for the school voluntarily! Do you know why we help as Governors? We know that you all have only one chance at an education. You can’t go back and start again. So we all think it important to see that the school always tries to improve to get the best possible outcome for each and every one of you. We will be quite happy not to be paid if the school  succeeds in setting you all on the path to being responsible citizens who are independent, creative, sharing, questioning and wanting to get on and make the most of yourselves.

We have been fascinated to hear about all your activities and projects this term.

Years 5 Royal Wedding Picnic

You had a wonderful picnic in celebration of the royal wedding with all of you and Years 3 and 4 joining together to eat your lunches on the field.  There were some fabulous costumes; lots of kings and queens as well as many union jack flags and everywhere red, white and blue. You spent some time learning more about the royal family, weddings and traditions and some classes completed some lovely craft activities.  You even posted a selection of handmade best wishes cards to Buckingham Palace. Did you ever receive a royal reply!

Year 5 Hazard Alley

You had a trip to Hazard Alley. You took part in a number of safety scenarios and learned how to deal with them. You had an opportunity to practise calling for emergency services in a public telephone box – you had to listen for a dial tone which was interesting as many of you didn’t know what this was! You were exceptionally well-behaved and your teachers were very proud of you.

Year 5 Book trip

Staff and 4 children from Year 5 went to a book supplier in Birmingham to choose new books for the children’s reading boxes. The Friends of Loughton donated £1,650 to restock your book boxes with up-to-date materials.

Year 5 Librarian visit

A librarian from MK Library came into Year 5 to talk about how you can successfully choose books. You were all very enthusiastic and it prepared you for your visit to MK Central Library.

Library Trip - you all walked nearly two miles uphill to the Central Library. With your library cards you made your book choices and walked downhill back to school. The library staff were impressed by how well you all behaved in the library.

Fund raising activities

 A big thank you to those of you that supported the Year 4 and 5 Disco which raised £459 and the Sausage Sizzler which raised £175.

Summer Fete

On Friday 8th June you came into school in your own choice of clothes and with a donation for the fete later that month. Congratulations to those of you who helped your teachers on the stalls running 50p games stalls including hoopla, coconut shy and ten pin bowling. Your teachers were so impressed by your volunteering and enthusiastic commitment to the school. Well done for your part in a very successful day and for helping raise £3,000 profit for the school.

‘Bake Off’

The Student Voice has decided to arrange a Loughton School ‘Bake Off’ to try and raise money to improve the outside area of the school.  This will also be a celebration of the school’s 30th birthday. The ‘Bake Off’ will be next Friday 13 July.  Those of you who want to bake re going to make cupcakes at home with the theme of ‘Loughton’s 30th birthday celebration’ and then bring them into class on that morning.  Your class will then have a vote as to which cupcakes will make it through to the final.  The final competition will be in the hall with Mr George, Mrs Green and members of the student voice.  The overall winner will get a prize. At 3.15pm the Student Voice will then be selling all the cakes that have been brought into school for 50p a cake, in the school hall.  

Year 6 SATs week & trip to Rushmere Park

Your teachers say that all of you had a calm and grown up approach to the tests and your behaviour during the whole week was exemplary. At the end of such a hard week you thoroughly enjoyed the day out at Rushmere Park with a walk through the woods on a beautiful day, a picnic and an ice cream. Your teachers were very proud of you all. Well done.

I believe Mr George will be getting the SAT results today and hope you have all done yourselves proud.

Sports Relief Run

A special mention must go to all those children who really pushed themselves to run further than they had done before, especially Harleen (supported by Thilaksha). I am told you are good friends who stuck by each other. Well done.

Girls football

The Years 5 and 6 girls' football team have had some amazing results.

They won the local cup and went on to represent Milton Keynes in the county finals against teams from all over Buckinghamshire. They won through to the County Final. After a thrilling match, they conceded 1 goal at the end to come a very close second and wining the silver medal. 

They played 22 matches overall this season and won 17 drew 4  and lost 1. They scored 62 goals and conceded only 3 goals. That is quite a record.

One of your parents wrote to say, "I had to write to you to say how proud I am of the girls’ football team. They have certainly done the school proud. They should all be proud of what they have accomplished.”

You were disappointed not to bring home the gold medal for the school, but  second place in a County final is a massive achievement.

Will the Squad please stand and take a bow. That is all of you not just the final team:  Ella, Ufoma, Naeema, Natiesha, Rebecca, Amelia, Harsaqa, Immama, Francesca, Haniya, Laura, Bailey, Aysia, Ella, Olivia and Michelle. Fantastic result, well done!

Year 5 and 6 Boys’ Cricket

The boys played amazingly well at Manor Fields on Thursday 14 June and were runners up in the final. Well done lads. Squad: Oliver G, Suprabath, Rudra, Janush, Dev, Krish, Danny C, Pranshu, Albert, Ishan and Varman.

Sports Day Years 5 and 6

Your teachers were very proud of all the participants. There were some excellent examples of true sportsmanship. When Anja was injured in the 400m, it was heart-warming to see Despoina and Serena from a rival class running back to support and help her to the finishing line. Despoina and Serena, stand up and take a bow: that kind of sportsmanship needs to be recognised. Well done.

 Year 5 Next term residential trips

You can look forward to next term and the Kingswood multi activity trip and the Germany trip.

Year 6 Production

You have all been so committed to putting on a grand production of Roald Dahl’s version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to celebrate your time at Loughton School. At the dress rehearsal some of the trees were told their performance was too wooden! Being wooden for a tree sounds like good acting to me. Anyway I saw the performance on Monday afternoon and all the singing, acting (trees included) and dancing was superb. It was helpful having a microphone and narrators so everyone could hear. It was a great production. 

Your Year 6 teachers are full of praise for the whole year group for your outstanding behaviour and hard work throughout the year. They could not have asked for anything more of you – You have shown resilience and determination to do your absolute best.

Year 5 do you think you can be praised like that this time next year?

So you have all had a very productive term, and you should all be very proud. Of yourselves. Well done.

The Governors hope you all have an enjoyable Summer holiday.


Best Wishes

The Governing Board

Loughton School